HOSPITALITY-J aims to bridge members from various industries, keeping the spirit of "OMOTENASHI" at the heart of the organization. Unlike other business networking organizations that repetitively arranges business card exchange meetings, we focus upon the flowing nature of human relationships.

The phrase "OMOTENASHI" has been chosen as Japan's buzzword of 2013, however, not many people can precisely contrast between the European spirit of hospitality and the Japanese spirit of OMOTENASHI.

We dig deep into the culture which derives from the origins of the word "OMOTENASHI," and share the invaluable experiences that enliven the five senses, not to be felt by written words nor information on the internet. We firmly believe that those sensual experiences enrich one's business life as well as one's personal life.

We also strive to actively organize opportunities to present the beauty of the spirit of OMOTENASHI to international communities, and promote the traditional Japanese culture, arts, crafts, craftsmanship deeply rooted in the heart of OMOTENASHI in various forms.